Why You Should Always Update Your Operating System

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No one likes being pestered to update their operating system. Wouldn’t it be nice if we never had to restart our phones or computers or wait for an update download? Having to update our operating systems all the time sure is annoying. But it has to be done. In case you’re tempted to skip out on updating your phone or computer again, here’s why you need to be smart and start updating.

You Won’t Be Able to Support Anything 

Do you like using apps? By refusing to update your operating system, you’re losing out on being able to download a good majority of apps (or programs). Consider most iPhone apps. Developers release new versions all the time to keep up with new operating system demands. Newer apps may rely on features released in new operating systems (such as the Health app that came with iOS 8) and not having an up to date system means you’re going to lose out on keeping up with your favorite apps or even being able to download new ones. Try downloading something like Facebook on an iPod Touch or an iPhone running iOS 2.

Your Operating System Won’t Be Supported Anymore

After a period of time, a company like Apple or Microsoft simply can’t keep supporting every single operating system they’ve ever offered. Whether it’s due to resources or money, eventually support for your operating system will be dropped. It’s inevitable. For example, Microsoft is already planning on cutting the chord with Windows 8.1 very soon- it’s only a matter of months before it’s no longer supported. Windows 7, after all, only receives extended support. If you want support or help with your operating system or even receive the ability to receive service or security updates (which we’ll talk about in a moment), you’ll want to make sure your operating system is up to date. Otherwise, you’re going to fall behind whether you like it or not. It’s the same with almost any other company. While some strive to keep supporting older operating systems, it’s not realistic to expect that you can stick with the same one for years upon years. But this just highlights perhaps the most important reason why you should update your operating system.

Security is Key

The biggest reason to continue updating your operating system has to do with security. Companies like Google, Apple and, yes, Microsoft continually release free ways to spy on cell phones new security updates in order to protect your phone or computer against new security threats and patch up obvious security flaws. You don’t necessarily have to love new default apps on your iPhone or appreciate 3-D touch but if you’re someone who uses social media, banks, or does anything involving exchanging personal information on your phone, you need to update your iPhone whenever possible. New security vulnerabilities are discovered all the time, whether a company discloses their existence or not. Now, don’t think of this as a scare tactic. But be responsible with your hardware. Don’t assume that you’ll be safe because you “only visit the right websites” or you don’t download anything. While being smart about how you use the Internet or your phone can protect against some viruses, unfortunately hackers grow savvier by the day. And patching up obvious security flaws is key to getting the most out of your phone or computer.

Making Updates Easier

If you want to make updating your operating system even easier, consider signing up for automatic downloads. This will make updating your system a painless and brainless process. But if anything, just keep in mind that updating your system doesn’t have to be a pain. Just make sure you update when you don’t really need to use your phone or computer- try installing your updates at night. Remember, it’s like a booster shot. It’s annoying but it offers plenty of benefits to outweigh the minor inconvenience.